Plex is one of the best media centers available. They are set to increase their prices. Sign up before the price increases!

Plex is something that I use all the time. I use it on my iPhones and iPads. You can sync content without having to plug into a computer. You can also run it (sort of) on an AppleTV. It works amazing once setup. No longer do you need to keep iTunes open to stream content on the AppleTV. Plex is trying to move the platform forward and that comes with a cost. Plex is set to increase prices in the next week. Sign up now before the increase goes into effect.

You might want to use cash next time you shop at Home Depot.

Home Depot was recently hacked with the same malware that hacked Target. The Home Depot was a bit larger the Target. According to the previous cyber-security team at Home Depot, these holes were known and ignored. This means that this hack could have been prevented. This is the typical case, don’t be preventive, just react if or when something bad happens. If you are in the same situation, act now and don’t wait!

Always, Always, Always, Always, ALWAYS back up any data before ever doing an upgrade of any kind.

With the release of Apple IOS 8 coming out tomorrow, many people will upgrade without ever backing up their systems. This is a major problem because what if something goes wrong with the upgrade? Everything is lost. So as a reminder ALWAYS!!! backup any data before upgrading anything.

We’ve recently mentioned Wi-fi calling. Not sure what it is? Gizmodo explains how it works.

The new Apple IOS 8 mentions Wi-fi calling as one of the new cool features. Gizmodo explains how it actually works.

Not a U2 fan? Want that free gift from Apple completely removed? Here is how to officially remove it.

Even though Apple has said that the free U2 album has been downloaded over 2 million times, people want it removed. Apple has finally released official documentation on how to remove it.

No More Windows Mobile or Nokia, Just Windows

Windows has dropped their mobile brand name, Window Mobile.  They have also decided to rebrand Nokia mobile.  Both will be now be known as Windows.