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Always, Always, Always, Always, ALWAYS back up any data before ever doing an upgrade of any kind.

With the release of Apple IOS 8 coming out tomorrow, many people will upgrade without ever backing up their systems. This is a major problem because what if something goes wrong with the upgrade? Everything is lost. So as a reminder ALWAYS!!! backup any data before upgrading anything. http://ow.ly/BzGUj

We’ve recently mentioned Wi-fi calling. Not sure what it is? Gizmodo explains how it works.

The new Apple IOS 8 mentions Wi-fi calling as one of the new cool features. Gizmodo explains how it actually works. http://ow.ly/BzGm2

Not a U2 fan? Want that free gift from Apple completely removed? Here is how to officially remove it.

Even though Apple has said that the free U2 album has been downloaded over 2 million times, people want it removed. Apple has finally released official documentation on how to remove it. http://ow.ly/BwYzl